A. Grace Martin

Author, Student Teacher, Optimist and Promoter of Self-Empowerment

About Me:

  • Writer
  • Lives with husband, dog, and cat in Lethbridge
  • Spent 6.5 years at university to prepare for a career teaching biology and physics
  • Huge advocate of wellness
  • Deep passion for sharing knowledge and a love of learning with youth

Science Background

  • Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences and Physics
  • Research assistant for the pharmacokinetics of chemotherapeutic drugs 
  • Research assistant for fetal development and placental MRI in rats at the Canadian Center for Behavioural Neuroscience

Literary Background

  • Published children's fantasy novel author

Level B Assessor

  • Knowledge of IPPs and the testing required to formulate them

Instructional Strategies

Teaching Philosophy


  • I am a lifelong learner
  • I want to inspire my students to fall in love with learning too
  • relationships and personal connections help a teacher build a vision of success for students


  • my goal is to engage students in multiple ways through visual, auditory, read/write, and kinesthetic activities
  • through the combined approaches of collaboration, graphic organizers, project-based learning, multimedia, hands-on activities, and anecdotes I strive to enrich the learning environment with multiple opportunities to understand the material

Positive Environment:

  • I use encouraging language to create a caring and open environment where it is safe to make mistakes


  • student learning is central to assessment and should not be used if it does not benefit the student's learning process
  • daily formative assessment improves student learning and determines areas that need further instruction or revision activities
  • collaborative learning processes are valuable, but students should be assessed individually
  • differentiated assessment provides students with the multiple opportunities and choice to demonstrate their knowledge
  • frequent summative assessment gives a more accurate depiction of achievement, with the opportunity to replace old grades with newer evidence of skill and knowledge mastery


  • While I am always satisfied with my teaching, I believe that it can always be improved
  • I am a highly reflective teacher who constantly seeks growth
  • Participating in opportunities for professional development whenever possible helps me continue my lifelong learning

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