Spirit Rider
The Series of Kanesha's Heart: Book 1

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Like a beacon of light in a dark world, the soul of a young magician walks the border between this world and the next. The spirit rider must unify her kingdom of magic, or all shall perish. The lands of dragons, trolls, goblins, unicorns, fairies, warriors, and magicians collide as the spirit rider seeks unity. Her journey unveils the great strength that each individual on Earth inherently has within them. For great strength lives within us all…

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Book Review by Tere Sy

Prepare yourself for an adventure like no other. Follow Nabrie’s journey as she discovers her true self while she saves a once-magical place from the hands of the dark arts witch Agrona.

Nabrie is a seemingly normal girl all her life until the day of her fifteenth birthday. Truth about her whole life and family’s legend unravels within one night with the help of Daithi, the only remaining wizard from the Kingdom of Ralshur and her guardian. She learns about her responsibilities of protecting the magical kingdom from the evil witch Agrona who wants to become queen of the land. She encounters magical creatures including Dart, a smart-mouthed falcon who serves as her guide in her mission. 

Spirit Rider is a must-read for all ages. It has a great concept delivered in a simplistic manner. I appreciate the multiple storylines that are easy to follow. The author was able to create a different world entirely without having to use complex sentence structures and exaggerated descriptions. 

“You do not serve yourself, nor anyone else, by remaining small.”

It is a story of optimism and hope. It teaches you to realize your own potential, embrace your capabilities and share it with everyone. If you have a skill, talent, or potential to shape other people’s lives, you will be inspired by the main character in this novel. Fifteen year old Nabrie is a kickass heroine. She starts as a simple girl until she realizes her potential. She learns to believe in herself and to block out all hindrances to achieve her goal in life. She does not become dependent to her guardian Daithi, despite the fact that he has everything at hand to help her. She does and learns everything from scratch. Nabrie tells us that everyone’s power is limitless as long as you are willing to take some risks, be brave at heart, and stay positive in whatever you do. Her friend Dart, the witty talking falcon also adds some spice on this book. He adds the fun to a normal everyday routine. He does not fail to insert funny and sarcastic comments that can make you laugh out loud. Another interesting character is Jerick, the grandson of the chieftain who serves as Nabrie’s companion. He is like any other leading men who look gorgeous and perfect, but he will definitely win the competition. He is going to steal your hearts with the right mix of arrogance and sweetness. His stubbornness only adds up to his appeal and it creates an air of mystery around him. Follow their romance and I am sure you will be too excited for the next instalment of the series to come out. 

If you need an action-packed, coming-of-age, and romantic fantasy book without all the gory details and just enjoy it with a fun adventure, you should definitely pick this one up.

Amazon.com Summary and Review by Michael S.

A. Grace Martin pens a true coming of age novel here. Her work is a captivating adventure with an important message of love and learning sure to leave any aged reader in wonder and wanting more. 

The main character, Nabrie, is a young fifteen year old girl whose world changes overnight. On the eve of her fifteenth birthday, a powerful wizard named Daithi arrives on the farm where she has lived as a servant girl all of her life. Announcing that he will take her with him the next day as her masters always knew would happen, Daithi leaves her to pass the night in wonder. Walking away from all she has ever known, the next day begins an amazing journey along which Nabrie will truly discover herself and find a new and magical world. Within a short amount of time, the wizard Daithi must leave her on her own, and she will learn how to build relationships, both with humans and other magical creatures on her own. Quickly she comes into contact with a young prince-to-be named Jerick, and together they will begin to discover what young love is. Through this journey, Nabrie will become enlightened to who she can trust and who she cannot, as we all must learn at some point. Even though Nabrie has no close family, she meets some of her mothers family and also finds out who her true family is, and how to appreciate all of the beings that surround her. 

Absolutely central to this story and to human existence itself, Nabrie learns the power of her past, the power that exists in the world around us, but most importantly, the power to overcome that comes from within. This is a deep, heartwarming read that will inspire you and rivet you to the very end!

Review by Bondjennings on Goodreads

I really enjoyed this book. It was really well writen and descriptive so that it really painted a picture. The main character was very relatable and I liked that this was a book with a very strong female main character. There was a love interest in the book, but it took second to the plot and main characters mission. The plot of this book is slightly complex but incredibly easy to follow and this first book leaves off in a way that makes you excited to find out what will happen in the second book.

Ayesha's Review of Spirit Rider

Reading Spirit Rider by A Grace Martin was a great experience. It is a book that will be enjoyed by both children and adults. It takes us to a world where we all wish to escape to, a world of magic and powerful beings. A Grace Martin has managed to create a storyline full of interesting characters that are connected to one another, forming an intricate web. Her writing is simple and she has great storytelling skills, which will leave the reader completely invested into the tale. Her protagonists (Nabrie, Jerick and Dart) are on a journey that will take the reader all over the land of Ralshur. 

Nabrie who was initially a bit timid, but gains the confidence, courage and wisdom needed to wage a war against a powerful black witch. Nabrie had powerful parents who were murdered when she was very young and she lived with a poor family in the Kingdom of Mar. At the end of the book she has grown far away from the girl she was in the beginning. I really enjoyed how her character evolved, though at times I did wonder about how some things came so easily to her. All such questions are answered as the reader progresses realizing the full extent of her power. I really look forward to finding out more about how Nabrie and Jerick will resolve the issues between them.

Jerick is obviously meant to be her soul mate. They know that even though they travel together, their destinations are different. Jerick is meant to be the ruler of Ralshur someday but he has spent his whole life in the city of Clearwater, which has made him ignorant of the outside world. His grandfather seizes the opportunity to send him across country and to become a major player in the politics of the Kingdom when Nabrie comes in to their city. I liked Jerick but sometimes I wished to read more about him. I felt Jerick was not good for much at times. A hero needs to become at least an equal to the heroin to get her. May be in the next book we will get to see more development of his character.

Dart is amazing. I loved his attitude and he was just the right kind of teacher Nabrie needed. He was a bit helpless at times, but the depth of his knowledge of all things magic made him a good companion. 

I absolutely loved the trolls, dragons, the Rock Hollow goblins and all things magic that the author added into the book. I cannot wait to find out Master Peter’s secret agenda and whose side Myra will choose in the end. And what role will Iquedor play in the inevitable battle against Agrona?

Spirit Rider Review by Jane C. on Goodreads

Spirit Rider is the first installment in a series that introduces us to the young heroine Nabrie, who has magical powers that were previously unknown to her. 

The reader is transported along with Nabrie and her companions into a fantasy world that boasts, among other things, ancient wizards, an Amazonian tribe, dragons, goblins and malevolent beings called mallocks. As she explores the magical kingdom of Ralshur, Nabrie undergoes a transformation that makes her a sought after ally for some and a formidable opponent for others. Her journey leads her to an epic confrontation with evil forces of intimidating power, and draws her closer to the destiny that is her birthright.

Although this is promoted as a fantasy novel for young adults, it is by no means constricted to that demographic. Spirit Rider holds the reader’s attention and has some surprisingly intriguing characters and imaginative circumstances. A recommended good read that will leave you wanting more. 

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