A. Grace Martin

Author, Student Teacher, Optimist and Promoter of Self-Empowerment

Spirit Rider
The Series of Kanesha's Heart: Book 1

As the first in its series, Spirit Rider introduces an exciting magical world. The Series of Kanesha's Heart is age-appropriate, so parents can feel at ease when they see their kids reading it.

The heroine Nabrie was a maiden on a simple homestead, until a red-headed, silver-eyed man arrived to take her away to the kingdom of magic: Ralshur. As Nabrie discovers her deep magical powers, she becomes a person that she never would have thought imaginable. Along with her teacher and companion, Dart, she sets out to travel this vast and magical kingdom. But there is a problem. The kingdom is threatened by a black witch who seeks to destroy it. For if this witch annhilates all life in this great kingdom of magic, she will become immortal by feeding off of the life forces of souls. Nabrie searches for a solution; what could one young magician do to protect Ralshur? Her adventure brings her into contact with dragons, trolls, mages, warriors, goblins, and other magical creatures. Her journey parallels an inner quest to self-empowerment that is sure to shed wisdom upon any reader. 

Get ready for the new craze in fantasy! I hope you enjoy reading "Spirit Rider" as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Like a beacon of light in a dark world, the soul of a young magician walks the border between this world and the next. The spirit rider must unify her kingdom of magic, or all shall perish. The lands of dragons, trolls, goblins, unicorns, fairies, warriors, and magicians collide as the spirit rider seeks unity. Her journey unveils the great strength that each individual on Earth inherently has within them. For great strength lives within us all…

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