A. Grace Martin

Author, Student Teacher, Optimist and Promoter of Self-Empowerment

We have all been hurt. We have all been pushed around. But we have also hurt others. 

I firmly believe that self-awareness and forgiveness are crucial steps to being at peace. Want to change your life? 

Unlock your potential!

Have you ever tried NOT criticizing yourself? Think about it. If you criticize yourself every day, your confidence grinds down to nothing

That doesn't sound like a very nice way to live, does it?

Affirmation images posted on this page are from Louise Hay's affirmation card decks.

Where Can I Find More of This?

Louise L. Hay

Founder of Hay House



Youtube "Positive Affirmations"

The Secret by Rhonda Byrne


Warning: This page expresses personal views meant to help those searching for more.

Your Mindset Influences Your Experience

Have you ever noticed that when you start you day out in a hurry, running late, toe stubbed out of bed, and annoyed with yourself that you WHOLE day follows suit? Sometimes we just have a bad day, but sometimes we set ourselves up for a bad day. What is unfortunate is that you could have had a great day! 

It's all about MINDSET. 

What you focus your mental energy on, you get more of. If you want to succeed in life, then do yourself a favour and:


Believe in Goodness

You become that which you put your focus on. Do you want to become the worries that stress you out, or do you want to use positive affirmations to become the best that you can be? Believe in yourself! Learn to love and accept yourself.

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