Science 9's Unit D: Electrical Principles and Technologies

Topic 4: The Energy Connection

Energy Transfer and Transformation

Lesson 1 Video Resources: 

Song: ridiculous Maroon 5 song by MrParr on energy transfer

Video: Energy of the Earth 

Playlist: Energy 101 YouTube playlist

Video below shown in class: Energy 101

Topic 5: Portable Power

Topic 6: Generators and Motors

Ferrofluid: it's magnetic!


Topic 7: Electricity in the Home

Topic 8: Electricity Production and the Environment

Are you using your head? Are you questioning everything?
Microbial Fuel Cell Video: What might be the effect of this on marine ecosystem? Should we remove that biomass?

Wind Turbines make bat lungs explode!


Watch Documentary "Who Killed the Electric Car?"

Write a summary and reflection on this video, about 300 words. 

You may want to answer the following questions:

1. What was the documentary about?

2. Were you shocked by this documentary?

3. What were the benefits or drawbacks to the electric car?

4. Do you agree or disagree with the guilty verdicts, and why?

5. What are the societal and environmental implications of the use of electrical energy in vehicles?

6. Would the EV1 suit your family's needs in Alberta? What about people who only drive in urban centres, or commute short distances?

Not-so-free Light Bulbs Video:

Science 14 and 10-4's Unit B:
Energy Transfer Technologies

Part 1: Heating and Cooling Systems

Chapter 5 Heat and Heat Transfer

Lesson 1: Introduction to Heat Transfer (5.3)

Video Resource Energy Transfer Rap


What's this? You don't like rap?

Imagine Dragons Themed Heat Transfer Song by some teacher MrParr 

In My Head Themed Heat Transfer Song

Lesson 2: Nature of Heat (5.1 and 5.2)

Missed class? Well you'd better watch these "fascinating" videos: 

Lecture by a teacher

Brownian Motion

Heat and Temperature 

Teabag rocket due to a convection current developing at the base:

Lesson 3: Heat Transfer in Nature (5.4)

Lesson 4: Cooling Systems (5.5)

Chapter 5 Review

See in-class notes, use your quick quizzes for review

Video: Bill Nye the Science Guy on Heat (full episode)

Chapter 6: Controlling Heat Transfer

Absorbing and Losing Heat (6.1)

Lab Experiment: Heat equal amounts of cooking oil, vinegar, and water at the same time. Why does the temperature between them differ? 

Heat absorption: how fast a substance heats up

Specific heat capacity: amount of heat needed to raise 1 gram of a substance by 1 degree Celsius. 

Water Can Absorb Heat:

When we learned that hot air expands, we popped a balloon by putting a flame beneath it. Why does a balloon half-full of water not explode over the heat source?

Keeping Warm and Keeping Cool (6.2-6.3)

Insulation Exercise: Design a four-room house with one heating source and limited insulation. Where do you place the heating source? Where do you use the insulation?

Firefighter Guest Speaker: How do firefighters protect themselves from dangerous heat transfer?

Our class enjoyed a visit from Claresholm's Fire Chief, who taught the students about the equipment firefighters wear.

PART 2: Mechanics and Mechanical Systems

Chapter 7 Simple Machines and Energy Transfer

Wheels and Pulleys

Unit C: From Life to Lifestyle

8.1 and 8.2 A Closer Look at Cells

8.3 Animal and Plant Cells

8.4 Cell City

Chapter 9: Life Functions Common to Living Things

Chapter 10: Food for Life