Angela Grace Martin

University of Lethbridge

Courses Taken

Biology: Cellular Basis of Life, Diversity of Life, Principles of Ecology, Principles of Genetics, Signal Transduction, Gene Expression and Regulation, Animal Physiology, Environmental Physiology, Population Biology, Seminars in Biology, Biology of Symbiotic Interactions

Physics: Introduction to Biophysics, Introduction to Physics II, Modern Astronomy, Waves Optics and Sound, Imaging Science and Technology in Today’s World, Quantum Mechanics I - II, Mathematical Physics, Mechanics, Contemporary Physics, Introduction to Experimental Physics, Electricity and Magnetism

Chemistry: General Chemistry I - II, Organic Chemistry I - II, Introductory Biochemistry

Mathematics: Calculus I - IV, Elementary Linear Algebra

Other: English 30-1AP, Introduction to Academic Writing, Introduction to World Religions, The Buddhist Tradition, The Anthropological Perspective,

Contemporary Health Issues, Western Civilization, Women and Health,

Scientific Knowledge Across Disciplines, Speaking of Animals: The Rhetoric of Wildlife in Contemporary Writing, Neuroscience Brain Behaviour 

Education Courses

Ed 2500: 

- Introduction and Orientation to Education including grade 5 practicum observation


- Grade 6 Practicum, Educational Psychology, Teaching Seminar, Curriculum and Instruction, Evaluation of Learning, Language in Education, Communications Technology


- Science 9 and 14 Practicum, Educational Psychology of Exceptional Learners, Science Curriculum and Instruction, Evaluation of Student Learning, and the Social Context of Schooling


- Social Studies for non-majors, Social issues in education, Assessment for individualized educational programming, Problem solving with communication technologies


- Science 10 and 24 Practicum at a faith-based high school in the quarter system



Track and Field and Cross Country Running

      Kate Andrews, 2016 - 2018

WE Create Change teacher supervisor

      Kate Andrews, 2016 - 2018

ATA school representative

      Kate Andrews, 2016 - 2018

Graduation Decoration Committee

      Kate Andrews, Spring 2016


Cross Country Running Club 

      CCH, Lethbridge, Fall 2015

Cougars With Quills Blogging Club 

      CCH, Lethbridge, Fall 2015

Served on Wellness Committee

      CCH, Lethbridge, Fall 2015

Ran noon-hour yoga club 

      WCCHS, Claresholm, Spring 2015

Ran teacher P.D. yoga session for wellness professional development  

      WCCHS, Claresholm, Spring 2015

Destination Exploration Science Camps 

      Lethbridge, February-March 2015

Let’s Talk Science Table at SWATCA  

      Lethbridge, February 2015

Let's Talk Science Spooky Science Night

      Lethbridge, October 2014

Jump, Skip, Walk for Autism 

      Lethbridge, May 2013

Lethbridge Wrap Party for Wood’s Homes Youth Shelter

      Lethbridge, May 2013

Canada Wide Science Fair

      Lethbridge, May 2013

Regional Science Fair

      Lethbridge, April 2011, 2013, 2014

Executive council of U of L Biology Club

      Lethbridge, March 2011-April 2013

CIBC Run for the Cure

      Lethbridge, September 2010-2014



CAREER OBJECTIVE: Pursuing a science-related educational position



University of Lethbridge, Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada

B.Sc. Biological Sciences                                                           Graduation: May 2014

         Focus on Biology and Physics

B.Ed. Science Education                                                   Graduation: December 2015



Kate Andrews High School, Coaldale, AB                                                     2016 - 2018

• Taught Science 9, Mathematics 9, Journalism 15, Forensics 25, Outdoor Education 9, PE 9, Health 9 

• Balanced visual, auditory, read/write, and kinesthetic learning styles

• Utilized brain breaks to help students focus, maximize learning, and promote wellness

• Acquired skills in teaching higher order thinking for PAT courses

• Implemented curriculum into engaging lessons with hands-on learning activities

Kate Andrews High School, Coaldale, AB                                                     Spring 2016

• Taught English 10-2, English 10-1, Art 10/20/30, Media Arts 9, and Substituted

• Improved literacy in reading and writing through English courses

• Implemented inquiry-based learning in the fine arts, including painting and Photoshop

• Occasional substitute teaching of science and mathematics courses

University of Lethbridge, Lethbridge AB                                                        Fall 2015

Professional Semester III Practicum

• Half-time teaching

• Learned transitioning and lesson planning for approximately three-hour classes

• Learned technology integration, implementation of project-based learning, and differentiated instruction

• Discovered new teaching strategies and collaborated on a professional inquiry project to collect strategies into an online resource: 

University of Lethbridge, Lethbridge AB                                                    Spring 2015

Professional Semester II Courses and Practicum

• ¾  Teaching ¼ Observation experience 

• Learned unit planning related to the science curriculum

• Learned how to deal with behavioural issues and learning disabilities in the classroom

• Practiced a universal design for learning 

University of Lethbridge, Lethbridge AB                                                       Fall 2014

Professional Semester I Courses and Practicum

• ⅓ Observation ⅓ Planning and ⅓ Teaching experience in a grade 6 classroom

• Learned lesson planning, assessment and evaluation, how to apply curriculum to instruction, educational psychology, technology integration, how to teach literacy for young students, classroom management skills, and relationship development.

• Learned that the needs of students exceed my need to teach a good lesson 

• Practiced daily formative assessment 

University of Lethbridge, Lethbridge AB                                      Sept. 2013-Dec. 2014

Jaime Morasch, Tutoring Services

• Private and University-Employed Math, Biology, Chemistry, & Physics Tutor

• Learned how to communicate differing concepts at junior high through university levels

University of Lethbridge, Lethbridge AB                                             Spring 2014           

Education 2500 Course and Practicum

• Observation and experience instructing a classroom of grade five students

• Learned classroom management skills, relationship development while maintaining authority, and how to communicate instructions and concepts clearly to elementary students

· Learned how to coordinate small group instruction

· Gained confidence reading aloud to the class and guiding group discussion of text

· Guided ELA Daily 5 with CAFÉ strategies



• Taught Mathematics 9 and 10-3

Tutoring math from grade 7 to university levels

• Background in: physics, calculus, algebra, statistics, problem solving

• Observation of experienced math teachers during practicums



Social Studies for Non-Majors Course

• Observation of master teaching in Social Studies classroom during PS3 placement



• Taught English 10-1 and English 10-2 

• Published young adult fantasy novel author

• Children's fairy tale writer

Self-development writer

• Hired editor for academic papers, including Masters Theses

• Observation of experienced English Language Arts teachers throughout practicums

DAILY 5 reading with CAFÉ strategies for reading comprehension, analysis, fluency, and expanded vocabulary



YWCA Neighbourhood Play Program                                                     Summer 2014

Alyssa Sutherland, NPP Supervisor

• Led summer play activities outside for children aged 6 to 12

• Learned how to engage kids in a variety of physical activities

• Planned daily activities and worked toward weekly skill outcomes

• Cultivated a caring, safe, positive, and playful environment

• Encouraged teamwork, self-esteem, motor skills, communication skills, and expression

• Cooperated with and learned from my experienced co-leader 



University of Lethbridge, Lethbridge AB                                           May - August 2013

Dr. Robbin Gibb, Dr. Albert Cross, and Dr. Sorina Truica, Neuroscience

• Research Assistant imaging placental development in vivo in a rat model using MRI

• Learned about MRI physics and biological applications, animal care research, and fetal development 

• Attended noon hour sessions on neuroscience, neurobiology, and brain-behaviour relationship studies 

• Presented at 2013 CCBN Summer Student Symposium

University of Lethbridge, Lethbridge AB                                 Sept. 2010-December 2012

Dr. Kenneth Vos, Physics and Astronomy

• Research Assistant modelling pharmacokinetics and dynamics of chemotherapy drugs

• Learned about the discipline of biophysics, utilized the scientific method, practiced data collection and analysis, and learned computer modelling



Pineridge Golf Resort, Seba Beach, AB                                  Summers 2011-2012

Nicole Richardson, Owner and General Manager

• Assistant Manager

• Learned teamwork, managerial and people skills, and multi-tasked as a café server, pro-shop attendant, beverage cart attendant and supervisor



Jason Lang Scholarship                                                                        January 2015

Standard First Aid and CPR Level C                                                         May 2014

Gibsons Energy Scholarship                                                                   2009-2014

Canada Summer Jobs, University of Lethbridge                                   Summer 2013

WHMIS Safety Certification                                                                       May 2013

Canada Summer Jobs, University of Lethbridge                                   Summer 2012

University of Lethbridge Student’s Union Studentship                                  Fall 2011

Jason Lang Scholarship                                                                             Fall 2010

Rocky Mountain Elk Scholarship                                                                Fall 2009


References Available Upon Request