Professional Inquiry Project

For my professional inquiry project (PIP), I decided to collaborate with a fellow PS3 student, Young Shin, to create an "Easy Teacher Toolbox" of instructional strategies.

When lesson planning in the quarter system, Young and I both found that trying to Google search teaching strategies was complicated and unfruitful. 

We decided to create an easily accessible online resource from the strategies that veteran teachers recommended at our high school.

What's in the toolbox?

"Management" tab is to help you with:
  • Keeping students on track
  • Minimizing distractions
  • Grabbing students' attention
  • Preparation, Presence, and Personality

"Engagement" tab is to help you with:
  • Active participation by all students
  • Keeping students alert
  • Keeping all students accountable
"Collaboration" tab is to help you with:
  • Getting students to work together
  • Having students share ideas to aid in learning
  • Organize student thoughts using graphic organizers
"Assessment" tab is to help you with:
  • Feedback for you and students on their understanding
"Brain Breaks" tab is to help you with:
  • Giving students a quick 30 second to 5 minute break every 30-60 minutes
  • Getting your students energized and refreshed