A Duck on Water

The best analogy I have for my first year of teaching was being like a duck on the water. From the surface, a swimming duck looks peaceful, calm, natural, and composed. As a new teacher I've been commended for my positive energy and fantastic organizational skills. What people don't see is everything under the surface: I'm paddling my flippers as fast as they can go just to stay afloat!

What I've Taught:

Math and Science:
- Math 9
- Math 10-3
- Science 9
- Science 10
- Science 24
- Forensics 25

- English 10-1
- English 10-2
- Journalism 15

- Media Arts 9
- Outdoor Education 9
- Art 10/20/30
- Experiential Learning Week: Wellness and Stress Relief

Physical Education:
- PE girls 9
- PE boys 9

Early Practicums (partial courses): Grade 6 ELA/Science/Math/Social Studies/Health, Science 9, Science 14 and 10-4 Units B and C

Want My Resources?

I love sharing! Shoot me an email through my contact section. I utilize Google Drive for sharing purposes.

Free Resources

Grace Martin and Young Shin's Instructional Strategies for teachers: 


Ninja Plans: 


Tanner Bexson and Koreen Klassen's Science Demonstration Resource Website:


Lisa Shoesmith's Active Learning In Math:
Available through her OLA Grade 6 Math Pinterest or at her online porftolio 

University of Lethbridge Professional Inquiry Project Symposiums:

Fall and Spring Symposiums