A. Grace Martin

Author, Student Teacher, Optimist and Promoter of Self-Empowerment

Personal beliefs are not guaranteed to work for everyone.

Goal-Setting Exercise:

1. Find your motivation

2. Believe you can achieve

3. Imagine you have already succeeded 

4. Get moving and take action

5. Learn from your mistakes

Try try try a new way. Don't give up hope!

The most successful people continue on when others say they will fail. They keep working after others give up. If it is worth having, it is worth fighting for!


Meditation can be a difficult exercise at first. Guided visualizations are a good place to start. Youtube guided visualizations for relaxation and follow along. Learn how to sit still, close your eyes, take deep breaths, and imagine relaxing scenes.

As you develop this mental skill, begin to release all thoughts. Allow your mind to go completely quiet. 
Be still. Let it be.

Changing Beliefs Through EFT

What is the emotional freedom technique (EFT)? It is also called "tapping" and is a process that can be used to deal with personal issues. 

EFT uses light tapping on certain accupressure points to engage the parasympathetic nervous system (the one that tells your body to relax). The stress in your body will naturally decrease and you will feel more centred and focused after a round of EFT.

This technique helps you to calm down your worries. Everything is alright.

All you have to do is talk to yourself as you tap on these points. Talk yourself through the problem that you are experiencing and let this integrate into your being.

How to use EFT

Refer to the above video for an example and to the picture below for some tapping points.

1. Take three long deep breaths

2. Use your index and middle fingers of one hand to lightly tap against the karate chop point, the side of your other hand.

Say, "even though I am upset about [something], I choose to love and accept myself anyway." Repeat threeX.

3. Tap where your eyebrow ends in the middle, by your nose. Say, "all of this stress in my body."

4. Tap the side of your eye. Say, "feeling all of this stress in my body."

5. Tap under your eye. Say, "bringing all of this stress to the surface."

6. Tap under your nose, above your lip. Say, "all of this stress."

7. Tap under your mouth, above your chin. Say, "feeling all of this stress in my body come to the surface now."

8. Tap just under the collarbone to one side. Say, "I am dealing with all of this stress."

9. Tap under the armpit, along the side ribs. Say, "I feel this stress leaving my body now."

10. Tap on the top of the head, at the crown. Say, "All of this stress leaves my body now and I am relaxed and whole."

Steps 1-10 describe one round of tapping. On your next round change what you say to "I am relaxed. I am focussed. I have enough time. I am healthy."

Continue on through points as you feel lighter and lighter.

Emotional Healing Exercise

Be easy with yourself. This exercise is for dealing with your past traumas. Be patient if it gets to be too overwhelming.

Bring to mind someone who has hurt you, who you dislike or have resentment towards. Imagine them upon a stage. It is time to forgive them and release.

It is time to let the hurtful footsteps of the past disappear. You will do this by letting go of that person who has done you wrong. You are not forgiving them to let them off the hook or condone what they did. You are forgiving them to set yourself free. So imagine that person on a stage before you, and send them love. Imagine that person receiving wonderful gifts and be happy for them. Know that in receiving love, this person becomes better than they were before. Picture yourself giving this person a gift with love. It may hurt to do so, but give them something (mentally) that is loving and say goodbye to them. You no longer owe one another anything. You can let go and release this person now.

Deep Breathing:

Find a comfortable position sitting or lying down in a room where you will not be disturbed: this is your time to rejuvenate. Set a timer for 5 to 20 minutes so that you will not be worried or fall asleep (for long).

Close your eyes and adjust your body to whatever feels most relaxing to you. Take a deep breath in through your nose, allowing the air to travel deep into your abdomen. As you inhale, fill your lungs from the belly first, then up into your ribcage. Hold the breath a moment, then exhale and release any tension. As you exhale, pull the belly button towards the spine and compress your ribcage. Repeat this deep breathing counting on each inhale and each exhale counting backward from twenty to one. With each exhale you can release more tension and inhale more peace.

As you breathe, outside thoughts will creep in. This is neither good nor bad, it is simply a thought. Let go of whatever thoughts come in. You simply are breathing. Focus on the breath.

Why Do Deep Breathing Exercises?

Some people call this method of relaxation a guided visualization or a meditation. It is meant to slow your heart rate and engage the parasympathetic nervous system to counter the negative effects of chronic stress in our lives.

People who do relaxation exercises are more centred, focussed, and happy. Imagine how good you would feel if you felt that everything would be taken care of in the right timing? RELIEF! Let it be. You have permission to be happy in every moment of your life: deep breathing can help you get there.


Everyone wants to feel loved and happy. You have the capacity for cultivating this love, happiness, and inner peace right now.

Stop criticizing yourself. Please do not put yourself down. If you think criticism motivates you, then wait until you feel the motivation from being your own cheering section. 

Be grateful. Gratitude and thanksgiving will make you realize all of the wonderful things in your life that you may be taking for granted. Stop complaining that you don't live in the perfect house: you HAVE a home to live in. Don't complain about the car you drive: you HAVE a car. Don't complain that your friends and family are not perfect: you HAVE friends and a family (not to mention that no one is ever "perfect," but we are all perfect beings just the way we are). Realize that billions of people are worse off than you and they are still able to find joy in their lives. What brings you joy in your life? Say thank-you for it!

Exercise: After you have taken a few deep breaths (above deep breathing) say inside your mind any of the following: 

"I am a good person and I have a lot to be grateful for."

"I am more than enough."

"I am getting better and better at any activity I choose."

"I accept myself as good."

Guided Visualizations

Visit my favourite site: calm.com


An affirmation is a belief statement that you repeat to yourself either aloud or in your head. If you say the same thing over and over again, it becomes engrained within you, like a memory or a routine. What's your pattern? If you change your thoughts of worry, lack, and limitation into motivating thoughts of success, you will be more driven to reach your goals!

Try repeating one of the phrases several times to yourself every day and feel the miraculous change in the outlook of your life!

I accept myself just the way I am.

Every day and in every way I am getting better and better.

Wonderful new opportunities are constantly flowing to me.

I deserve success.

I now take actions towards my goals.

I am worthy and a worthwhile person.