My Character Traits






Strong morals 











I loved my summer job working at the YWCA Neighbourhood Play Program!

As a program leader, I worked with a partner to orchestrate a drop-in day program for kids aged 6-12, with the philosophy of learning through play. I loved getting kids active and un-plugged. Who doesn't love some fun in the sun?

PS1 Letter of Introduction to TA

Dear Teacher Associate: 

My name is Angela Grace Martin but please call me Grace. I am excited to be a student teacher and join your classroom for my first professional semester practicum. As a fantasy novel author, I am strong in language arts. However, I feel more challenged by and engaged in the sciences and math. I have received my Bachelor’s of Science degree in the biological sciences and physics, and hope to one day teach high school sciences.

I am hard working, friendly and caring with a passion for learning. I am bringing to your classroom my motivated and confident personality. I love personal development and self-empowerment, which has made me the person I am today. I wish to be a good role model to the students in your classroom while I learn to become a better teacher.

I created an introductory video for your students and parents. You can find it at:

Thank you so much for this opportunity; I look forward to working with you.


A. Grace Martin

Ed 2500 Letter of Introduction to TA

Dear Teacher Associate:

My name is Angela Grace Martin but please call me Grace. I am a fifth year biology and physics student graduating this year with my Bachelor’s of Science degree, and have decided to take the Education 2500 program this semester.

I have always wanted to be a teacher. Originally, I wanted to teach university after pursuing a Ph.D., however I cannot attend graduate studies at this time, and so I would like to teach high school physics. As a junior high and high school math and science tutor, I have discovered the ease at which explaining concepts comes to me. Working one-on-one with students, I’ve learned how to build relationships in a professional setting, and how to read their comfort level and understanding with concepts (especially when they prefer not to admit it). The fact that I am a fantasy novel author comes as a surprise to most people, considering my scientific background as a research assistant. Since my novel is an adventure story for young people, I feel that I would be an adaptable, imaginative, and creative teacher one day. I easily connect with children and young adults, but would like to know more about how youth learn.

I am friendly with a good work ethic and enjoy constantly learning new things. I am bringing to your classroom my self-motivated and confident personality. I am very passionate about personal development and self-empowerment, which has made me the outgoing and caring person I am today. I wish to be a good role model to your students while I observe and discover your teaching methods. Thank you so much for this opportunity; I look forward to working with you.

A. Grace Martin

What I Bring to Teaching

I am a dynamic person with many fields of interest and expertise. As a tutor I have engaged with junior high and high school students to find that explaining concepts comes easily to me. I have had research experience in the sciences—mainly biophysics—which has given me a deeper understanding of the scientific method and allows me to use interesting examples while teaching science. My academic background in biology and physics qualifies me to instruct secondary math, biology, chemistry, and physics classes. Tutoring these subjects has been especially rewarding to me. I feel that I will be an interesting teacher because of my wide array of personal interests, which include: a published fantasy novel, creative hobbies (painting, writing, and music), physical health through nutrition and exercise, and emotional and mental health through an interest in personal development and empowerment—which translates to teaching self-confidence and self-esteem to students.

Volunteer for Let's Talk Science

Here's me volunteering during the "Spooky Science Night" at the University of Lethbridge. I ran two stations, the screaming cups (how many sounds can you make with a string attached to the inside of a plastic cup) and the ghost eliminator (knocking down styrofoam cups with an air canon made from a cardboard box).

My experiences will help my teaching:

Experience: Hockey and Ballet 

  • Teamwork, coordination, and dedication to teammates
  • Positive mindset, determination, and hard work
  • Importance of physical exercise
  • Can relate to athletic students

Experience: Moving throughout Alberta/Saskatchewan
  • Adaptability in numerous social situations
  • Meeting new people and making new friends
  • Connections to different lifestyles
  • Experiences in many different classrooms

Experience: Assistant Manager of a Golf Course 
  • Leadership, initiative, organization, task management, teamwork, people skills, customer service
  • Treating employees fairly by interacting with each of them differently
  • Good work ethic and critical thinking of overall service

Accomplishment: Published Fantasy Novel Author
  • Imagination and creativity
  • Interesting to students
  • Self-motivated, confident, and empowered role model
  • Written expression and English language capabilities

My Academic Knowledge B.Sc. Biological Sciences & Physics
  • Can teach biology, chemistry, physics, and math
  • Passion for the sciences
  • Classroom presentations have given me confidence in speaking to an audience

Experience: Tutoring 
  • Teach individual students difficult concepts catered uniquely for their understanding
  • Interact with junior high and high school youth to establish relationships

Experience: Research Assistant in Biophysics & Neuroscience 
  • Interesting knowledge and examples to explain concepts to students
  • Organization, dedication to master learning curve, hard work, sharing knowledge with colleagues

Life Artifacts About Me

As a Child I: 

  • Played piano, soccer, baseball, and volleyball
  • Did gymnastics, ran cross country, and went swimming
  • Was a certified babysitter
  • Participated in Scouts Canada
  • Published a poem in a magazine and began writing
  • Published a Christmas card
  • Attended the Canadian National Heritage Fair
  • Competitively danced ballet, jazz, and lyrical for eight years
  • Played hockey as the starting goaltender of a midget girl’s team
  • Enjoyed an active family lifestyle

Personal Experience

  • Bullying- and suicide-prevention
  • Helping others overcome depression
  • Dealing with mental illness
  • Confronting emotional traumas
  • Ascending personal limitations
  • Setting and achieving goals
  • Teaching development of increased self-worth and recognizing potential

Current Activities and Hobbies

  • Variety of Interests and Expertise
  • Tutoring Math and Sciences
  • Interested in Scientific Research
  • Painting, Reading, and Writing
  • Classical Piano Music
  • Camping and hiking
  • Travelling (international and local)
  • Visiting museums, historic sites, and interpretive centres
  • Physical Exercise through cardio workouts, body-weight training, pilates, and yoga
  • Proper Nutrition with a focus on increasing vegetable and fruit intake
  • Wildlife conservation with a passion for endangered species, especially wolves and birds of prey
  • Published first young adult fantasy novel its series: Spirit Rider, by A Grace Martin