My Assessment Philosophy

I believe that:

  • student learning is central to assessment and should not be used if it does not benefit the student
  • a teacher’s job is to build a vision of success that can be assessed by student application of skills and personal connections
  • differentiated assessment provides students with the multiple opportunities to demonstrate their knowledge, for which summative weightings can be adjusted
  • ongoing formative assessment should be used daily to guide learner-centered instruction 
  • collaborative learning processes are valuable, but students should be assessed individually

I Believe in Daily Formative Assessment

Just because we teach something, doesn't necessarily mean that our students understand it. Daily formative assessment is crucial to finding out how much students learned during class.

I Believe in Using Assessment For, As, and Of Learning in Every Unit

I Believe in Using Triangulation

Triangulation, as defined by Anne Davies (2011) in Making Classroom Assessment Work, increases the reliability and validity of assessment by collecting evidence of student learning from three different sources:

• observation of learning, 
• products students create, and 
• conversations with students. 

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