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PSII Mon April 13- Wed 15th, 2015

Posted by agracemartin on April 25, 2015 at 11:50 AM

Monday April 13, 2015

Today I spoke with my teacher associate/mentor about dealing with Grade 9 attitude. It was an insightful conversation in which I changed my mind about starting the week with the 9Bs by bringing up what happened before the break. It could set a bad precedent because what happened yesterday should not have sway over current lessons. We also talked about saying “tough” when a select few Science 14s don’t want to work. The same individuals have a bad attitude on a daily basis, so I can be firmer with them. I am also very glad that today I took in an open book quiz for formative assessment. It was alarming to see that students do not understand efficiency, but that just means that I need to go over it before their test.

Tuesday April 14, 2015

One of my Science 14's was not here today and the classroom dynamic was much different (far easier to handle). I had over-planned and had extra resources because I wanted to do hands-on activities, but this particular student consistently refuses to participate. The 9As were very talkative today, so I spent a lot of time on classroom management, silencing chatter, and wait time.

Following up on my conversation from yesterday, I am so happy that I did not start my 9Bs with a lecture about respect and what happened before the break. They were so well behaved; it was one of my best lessons with them.

Wednesday April 15, 2015

Today I taught a lab on how to take blood pressure that did not go as smoothly as expected. Most of the meters were working, but I did not see a lot of small tears in the cuffs when I was preparing the lab. Some students played around and tried to inflate the cuff as far as it would go, and got readings of 300 over 200, which I explained to them was not accurate. Even though the equipment was not all functioning, the students still seemed to get the gist of blood pressure readings.

The 9As took notes well today, but I noticed that when I did an investigation activity with them using the textbook, most got very confused. I took in their worksheets, but noticed that their messy charts would have been very difficult to mark, so I only used it as formative assessment. As a note to myself, if ever I want to collect an activity summatively, I should provide the students with a printed handout to complete the activity on.

I am noticing that my teaching practice has become very routine. I do not have as much to reflect upon now as when I initially started, because the almost all of my lessons go well.

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