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PSII March 29-April 1, 2015

Posted by agracemartin on April 25, 2015 at 11:35 AM

Sunday March 29, 2015

I have created my week plan and Ch 8 biology test and study guide for the Science 14s. I originally thought that I would not test them on many concepts for this chapter because they have very low memorization skills. However, I decided that almost all of the questions on the test should have a helpful hint on the study guide. If students complete their study guide, they should receive 100% on their test. Those who do not pay attention and do not fill out a study guide will be out of luck. I have decided to have high expectations of my Science 14s this week because I believe that they are capable of learning biology even without memorizing a lot of names and diagrams.

I have also decided that I will take my time with the science 9s this week when it comes to their math-related section. I will go over simple algebra, remind them what variables represent, and walk them through each step.

Monday March 30, 2015

This morning I observed another teacher's science 10 class. His classes are a very predictable routine with a student directed format using the textbook as a resource. I asked one of the students who was finished how the transition was from science 9 to 10. He said that he is an independent learner so he finds this class easier. However, I noticed several students falling asleep because the energy is very low in the classroom. I would like to implement some student-directed strategies into my future classroom, but I think that I work best with a balance between hands-on activities and direct teacher instruction.

Today I introduced the Science 14s to their biology unit, starting with cells. I am glad that I over-prepared because I ended up going through ALL of my materials that I had planned to use for the next two days. I pushed the students to complete their notes and was very glad that 9 out of 10 students handed in fully finished notes by the end of class.

I did not give back the Science 9As their tests because I have several students who need to write still. I did not do the calm.com session today, but I introduced them to electricity in the home. I noticed that I was not as consistent about cuing the 9As with this lesson as I was with the 9Bs. I realized that this is because I did not review what I was going to say immediately before class (during my lunch hour). When I review what I want to say before class I am more organized and my delivery is clearer.

This afternoon I watched the math 20-1s for 45 minutes and the math 20-2s for 90 minutes. It was very interesting to see the change in dynamics between the two groups. The 20-1s are very dedicated to getting work done while the 20-2s are more likely to sit and talk. Classroom management with the 20-2s seems a lot like management with my science 14s. They can be more challenging to rein in and need to have a certain amount of fun and chat time in class. As a teacher, it is my job to tread that management line between chaos from too much talking and rebellion if they are not allowed to talk at all.

Tuesday April 1, 2015

On Tuesday I had the pleasure of observing a Bio 20 class. I learned a lot about efficiency and smooth transitions. I talked to the teacher about his organization. He said that he writes down EVERY step before he teaches. He said that his lesson plans are very detailed and organized. His organization is very important to him because if you don’t give students something to do, they will get off task and talk too much.

The Science 14s and I had a very fun lab day today. Everyone was safe in his or her handling of the microscopes. We looked at slides and then created models of cells using candy.

I had to rein in my very chatty 9As but I had a very well-behaved class with the 9Bs. I think I need to adjust my organization for the math problems. I need to have every value calculated FIRST so that I do not have to wait upon students calling out calculated values.

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