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PSII Thurs-Fri March 26-27

Posted by agracemartin on April 25, 2015 at 11:35 AM

Thursday March 26, 2015

Today was a special event day with shorter classes. The Science 14s were taught 7.4 and then had time to create study guides to bring into their test tomorrow. The special event was prom speeches, which was occasionally boring but I hope that it helped school spirit. I confiscated two orange floor hockey balls from high school students in the stands who were playing with them and dropped them loudly. The 9As took a few minutes to settle, and then we did our 2 minute calm.com relaxation. By the time I got them settled again we were 10 minutes into the class time. I’m not sure if the benefits that some students receive from the relaxation time outweigh the value of class time used for other purposes. I think that in order to see results the calm.com visualizations need to be used for a much longer period. Some students have still not bought in to the quiet time.

Friday March 27

Today was test day. I think that the Science 14s were happy to be done with simple machines. Contrary to my planning, they were not as interested in the topic as I thought that they would be, probably because ramps and pulleys are not as interesting to them as larger-scale mechanics. The 9As only had time to write their tests, but the 9Bs received a review before and a topic 7: electricity in the home lesson after. The 9Bs seemed to do much better on their tests—I think because they had a more immediate review beforehand. This was a difficult test for a lot of students, but some got 100%. I do not want to penalize the students who did well, but I want to help the students who struggled. So I will be taking five of the more poorly done questions from this test and putting them on their topic 7 and 8 test. By re-measuring this outcome I can give students the opportunity to raise their average.

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