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PSII Wed March 18-Fri 20th, 2015

Posted by agracemartin on April 25, 2015 at 11:10 AM

On Wednesday we had a firefighter guest speaker come in during Science 14 to talk about protecting against dangerous heat transfer. The students LOVED it! There was a lot of very interesting information presented and the students were very excited about trying on the articles of protective gear. They especially liked the gas mask, which projected air pressure and vitals information onto the mask like the Iron Man helmet. The students we engaged for the full 90 minutes. 

I was very happy that the guest speaker's presentation went so well. The previous day a few students had grumbled about skipping class because they do not enjoy guest speakers. However, they were so intrigued that none even bordered on boredom!

The Science 9’s had their topic 4 and 5 test. I gave a quick review before the exam to help students with better short-term memories and to address any confusion before writing the test. I had the 9Bs for a longer time block and so I introduced topic 6 on electricity and magnetism to them.

On Thursday morning the Science 14s zoomed through section 6.3 and had a very long time to review. Some students were done their work with thirty minutes left in class and made comments about wishing the test was that day instead of on Monday after a long weekend. I talked with my teacher associate about this, and he reminded me that I had some slower-working students who would not have been ready to write their test. Differentiation requires that we give more time to those students who need it in order to level their playing field.

The 9A’s were extremely engaged in their electricity and magnetism lesson. My teacher associate/mentor said that my story of working with an MRI magnet was so interesting to the students that they were all hanging on my every word. I am very grateful for my background in scientific research because it gives me relevant and relatable stories to explain concepts to students.

I attended parent-teacher interviews again in the evening, but did not learn anything new that hadn’t been addressed on the Tuesday.

Friday was staff planning day. I held a one-hour yoga session in which I instructed 6 teachers. While I was teaching I was not sure that I was explaining poses very well because I had to pause and remind myself what side (left or right) I wanted to say to the people who were facing me. I ended up turning my back to face them the same in order to explain some directions for poses. I need not have been worried, the teachers I instructed were very happy with my pace, explanation, and reassurance that they did not need to force their muscles too far into the poses. I had to remind myself that not everyone is flexible enough to even attempt some yoga poses, so I modified my planned sequence to omit certain intermediate-level poses.

After my yoga instruction, another teacher instructed on laughing yoga, which was quite the abdominal workout and very funny. We finished our professional development with a mindfulness discussion about integrating relaxation techniques into the classroom.

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