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PSII Monday and Tuesday March 16-17, 2015

Posted by agracemartin on April 25, 2015 at 11:05 AM

On Monday I tested the Science 14 and 10-4 students on their Chapter 5 content of heat and heat transfer technologies. After their test I introduced 6.1 absorbing and losing heat. We performed a lab in which we heated the same amount of cooking oil, vinegar, and water. We determined that cooking oil got the hottest because it has the lowest specific heat capacity. I found this lab very useful in explaining the concept that water can absorb a lot of heat. I was also reminded of the importance of preparing ahead of time, but thinking on your feet and not letting students know when you are preparing on the go. I had difficulties with the printer in my prep period before class, so I had to set up the lab experiment while students were writing their tests. My teacher associate commended me for not letting on that I was not prepared; the students did not know that I was working on my toes (or thinking on my feet as the saying goes).

I instructed the Science 9s on batteries as electrochemical cells. I handed out all of their worksheets and study guide, and got students set up with the Remind application. I organized the lesson into two parts: one instructional, and one work period with partners or groups of three to complete the review booklet (which was not taken in for marks).

On Tuesday I taught the Science 14s about insulation. Going into the lesson I was less than confident. I thought that my lesson was boring and had no idea how to make it more engaging. I spoke with my university consultant who reminded me that I did not need to be an idealist. “The way they talk about teaching at the university is not the same as teaching in the real world,” he reminded me. I think that I am finally starting to process that statement. I differentiated my lesson by asking students to design a four-room house with one heating source and got some great ideas. One student in particular drew a gorgeous home with a central fireplace. As it turns out, my lesson on insulation was not that boring at all.

I prepared my 9As for their test the next day, and could tell that they would be ready for it, even if they seemed a little nervous about it. In the evening I attended parent-teacher interviews. I found sitting in on these meetings to be very valuable. One student was given the much-needed advice to turn off her phone while studying. Another needed help finding where to look for answers in the notes and textbook because he needed to develop organizational skills and take better in-class notes. My teacher associate/mentor discussed strategies with students and gave their parents an idea of what grade ten would look like next year.

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