A. Grace Martin

Author, Student Teacher, Optimist and Promoter of Self-Empowerment


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Who Am I?

I like to think of myself as a person who has found happiness and peace, and continues to strive for more of it. I am a family-oriented person, promoter of health and well-being, advocate of alternative and complementary health therapies, and a science teacher who never wants to stop learning. 

I love hiking and camping. I write children's books, young adult fantasy novels, and self-empowerment books. My first published work is Spirit Rider.

What I Believe

To me, fantasy novels are the best escape from reality. Let your imagination run wild: anything can happen. What we do not realize is that all of the adventure, excitement, and happiness possible in a fantasy world is also possible in the here-and-now. 

I believe in helping students see happiness in every moment and striving for success every day. 

I believe that we are all meant to overcome obstacles.

What Do I Love?

I am passionate about lifelong learning. Sharing knowledge and success with others inspires me as a teacher. I also love speaking about my first novel, Spirit Rider. It is more than a fantasy adventure, as it parallels an internal journey to self-empowerment. Deep power lives within us all, and we all have the capacity to heal ourselves and others.

AG Martin has her Bachelor of Science in biological sciences and physics and a Bachelor of Education in science education. 

AG Martin and her husband live in Lethbridge, AB, Canada, with their dog and cat.